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Subjects: Language Arts

Grades: Middle School (7th-8th), Highschool (9th-12th)

Format: Textbook + Workbook

Learning Styles: Visual

Method: Classical


The “Allon” series features 9 books written in the classic allegory style by multi-award-winning author Shawn Lamb. A former scriptwriter for children’s television in the 1980s, homeschool mom during the 1990s, and Bible study teacher for decades, Shawn combines all her skills to help young adults learn valuable lessons through story.

Since 2010, Shawn has toured the homeschool circuit as a vendor, workshop leader, and speaker. Books are her platform to aid parents and children, as they struggle to live Godly lives in this chaotic world.

Biblical themes and principles woven in each book help young people deal with hard life issues. The stories also bring to life the reality of spiritual warfare by way of immortal Guardians, servants of the Almighty, and Shadow Warriors, fallen Guardians. Interaction between immortals and mortals, highlight the unseen nature of “wrestling against principalities and powers.”

It is important to convey Christian principles while not wrongly portraying anything that goes against Scripture. Sadly, many fiction books aimed at young adults cross the line, even some in the Christian market. Two elements included in each Allon book, are 1) to show the proper relationship between guys and girls, and 2) the inclusion of family, specifically the importance of parental involvement. The struggle of young adults is compounded by today’s ungodly influences. Classic story-telling is one way to give beleaguered kids an avenue to learn and grow.

A separate Allon Study Guide outlines the Biblical themes and spiritual principles in each story. There is a list of suggested questions for the student, along with series-wide assignments. Armed with understanding the intended allegory, parents can choose to use the questions, or tailor questions and assignments to best aid the student in any needed area.

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