Homeschool How-To’s

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Subjects: Language Arts, Bible & Supplementary, Math, Homeschool Teaching Helps

Grades: Preschool, Elementary (K-6th), Middle School (7th-8th)

Format: Textbook + Workbook, Audio, Manipulatives

Learning Styles: Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic

Method: Other


Homeschool How-To’s offers over 100 homeschooling topics of quick and easy tips thought through to save you time, energy and stress. These unique products provide insights, strategies, teaching shortcuts and enticing hands-on materials that cannot be found in any other place. Browse and you’re bound to find valuable helps on topics of “right now” primary interest to you—and also topics that were the source of some low grade anxiety and/or perplexity, of which you hadn’t been consciously aware…not yet. Jump-start your teaching and parenting prowess by obtaining the best of the best rapid and effective methodologies and tricks that would take you years to figure out yourself.

For your children…they’ll whiz ahead of the neighbors with…

  • Fast Phonics
  • Zoom-Type
  • Quick Piano
  • Character Traits Coloring Book and Songs
  • Teach Grammar Faster
  • Teach Math Faster
  • Spell-Along (audio CD of 360 commonly misspelled words, with self-check list of the words)
  • and more….

Tutor with efficiency …

  • Razor Sharp Teaching Strategies
  • Teachers’ Secrets and Motherhood Savvy
  • and more….

Parent with loving power…

  • Beyond Discipline
  • Training Terrific Tots
  • and more…

And you, mom, can become a myth in your own time through superior domestic homemaking skill with…

  • Turn-Your Head Home Management Strategies
  • Decorating Tips with Rooms with a Message
  • What, I Have to Fix Dinner Again?
  • and more….

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Resource #1

Melanie’s Favorite Books List: Descriptions of 100 well-written titles that convey biblically sound values for young godly children.

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Resource #2

Just Starting to Homeschool? Homeschool advantages (spiritual, social, academic and personal) all stacked up to buttress your resolve to homeschool and to stick with it.

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