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Master Books

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Subjects: Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Sciences, Bible & Supplementary

Grades: Preschool, Elementary (K-6th), Middle School (7th-8th), Highschool (9th-12th)

Format: Textbook + Workbook, DVD/Video

Learning Styles: Visual

Method: Traditional, Charlotte Mason


Since 1975, Master Books has been publishing educational resources based on a biblical worldview for students of all ages. At the heart of these resources is our firm belief in a literal six-day creation, a young earth, the global Flood as revealed in Genesis 1–11, and other vital evidence to help build a critical foundation of scriptural authority for everyone. By equipping students with biblical truths and their key connection to the world of science, history, and more, it is our hope they will be able to defend their faith in a skeptical, fallen world.

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