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Our mission is to equip teachers and teaching parents with methods and materials which will aid them in training their students to become confident and competent communicators and thinkers. Using the four language arts—listening, speaking, reading, and writing—IEW methods have been proven to be effective for students of all ages and levels of ability, including those who are gifted, have special needs, or are English language learners. Academy is the online presence for homeschool expert, curriculum creator, and author, Debra Bell. Visit our site for free resources, experienced advice about homeschooling, Debra’s award-winning books, language arts curriculum (Writers in Residence and Readers in Residence) and Ultimate Homeschool Planners. Debra Bell’s Aim Academy provides online college-prep classes for homeschooled students 5th-up.

Thinking Kids Press

Thinking Kids Press is committed to providing quality resources to assist parents in discipling their children. You’ll find materials to help you teach your children the Bible and Christian history. Bible Road Trip™ is a complete Bible survey curriculum for preschool to high school. You will also find hands-on Bible study tools available for in-depth studies. Cobblestone Path™ Church History Research Journals will take your teens through the history of the Christian church. Thinking Kids Press also supplies homeschool aids written from a Christian worldview, and books for your children by award-winning children’s author Danika Cooley.


Apologia is the #1 publisher of creation-based science and Bible curriculum with more than eighty top awards from homeschool parents and media. The resources we publish are designed to help homeschooling families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith.

The Character Corner

At The Character Corner we offer encouragement, tools and resources to help you build Godly character in your children. There are tools to help you parent intentionally in each of these categories: building Godly character, praying for your children and your homeschool, and training the hearts of your children. You can teach character consistently and with ease using our popular character curriculums: Little Lads & Ladies of Virtue and Lads & Ladies of Wisdom. Each of these curriculums provide you with 5 months of character lessons, which take minimal preparation, and can be taught in as little as 10 minutes a day! Maybe you are struggling to consistently pray for your children. We have several resources to help you pray powerful Scripture prayers for your children, and we even have a journal to guide you through 30 days of praying Scripture for your husband. There is no greater investment you can make in your family. Training & Correcting the Heart With Scripture will make it simple for you to use God's Word for reproof, correction, and training in righteousness. If you're tired of scolding and want effective correction that focuses on changing your child's heart, this study is for you! We also have a parenting course to help you build your family on a strong Biblical foundation, and a course to help you overcome anger God's Way. You will find ebooks, printables, prayer journals, video courses and much more to help you in your parenting and homeschooling. These resources are built both on God's Word, and over 31 years of homeschooling experience.

Homeschool How-To’s

Homeschool How-To’s offers over 100 homeschooling topics of quick and easy tips thought through to save you time, energy and stress. These unique products provide insights, strategies, teaching shortcuts and enticing hands-on materials that cannot be found in any other place.

VideoText Interactive Math

Recommended by Dr. Jay Wile of Apologia Science as "...truly, the best that I have seen", VideoText Interactive Math specializes in multi-media programs for middle & high school mathematics (Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus). With focus on the “why” behind concepts, video lessons are supported by notes, worktexts, tests, step-by-step solution guides, and a toll-free helpline for additional support.

Family Renewal

Israel Wayne has been writing and speaking to families for over 25 years. Presenting valuable and in-depth resources to explore what the Bible has to say about education, family life, and a Christian worldview, the ministry of Family Renewal offers resources that equips parents to be bold in their calling to disciple their children, and to grow themselves. Israel's speaking style is engaging, informative, thought-provoking and down to earth. Every year, he passes on a passion for seeing the world through the lenses of God's Word at conferences, churches, retreats, camps and banquets. Together with his wife, Brook, he is the author of the popular "Pitchin' a Fit! Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting" as well as the book "Education: Does God Have an Opinion?" and "Answers for Homeschooling: Top 25 Questions Critics Ask". Learn more about booking Israel as a speaker at your next event by going to

The Old Schoolhouse®

Affordable, Christian Curriculum from It’s challenging to find courses for all of our children’s needs that also fit our worldview. was created to meet that need. The curriculum arm of The Old Schoolhouse® offers hundreds of teachers and courses to fit every kind of learning style.

Raising Arrows

Raising Arrows® encourages the homeschool mom to teach, mother, and disciple with purpose and vision, rooted and grounded in God’s Word. Melding the experiences of raising a large family, losing a young daughter, and living in the trenches of homeschooling day after day, Amy offers her readers resources and practical advice with a gentle voice and a firm resolve to live life abundantly.

Worldview Academy

Worldview Academy is a non-denominational organization dedicated to helping Christians to think and live in accord with a biblical worldview so that they will serve Christ and lead the culture.

Diana Waring

An education that's relational will be one in which students thrive. Why? Because the environment and approach welcome them into the learning experience. This is not education as usual — it is an immerse-yourself, creative, memorable discovery and exploration for all types of subjects. Students who experience this kind of learning become self-motivated and deeply engaged learners.

Rainbow Resources

Rainbow Resource Center, Inc. has been serving the homeschool community since 1989 with free homeschool consulting, low prices and free shipping on domestic orders of $50 or more. Founded and run by a homeschool family, we believe that there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all curriculum that will work for everyone, but there is a curriculum solution that will work for you and your student.


Steeped in critical thinking, rich in literature and foundational skills, and sparkling with one-of-a-kind tools, Timberdoodle curriculum kits are truly Crazy-Smart.

Demme Learning – Math-U-See

Develop a lifelong love for learning. The parent company of Math-U-See and Spelling You See builds understanding with unique learning tools. Our student-paced curricula is suitable for students with a wide range of abilities, from gifted to those with special needs.

Proverbial Homemaker

No more comparing. No more striving for Pinterest perfect. You're a busy and blessed mama who is seeking Jesus above all, purposing to raise your children for His glory. Even if that looks like gold fish on the floor and imperfect parenting moments.


As a trusted organization that has been helping make homeschooling possible for over 30 years, HSLDA partners with homeschooling families across the nation. Together with our members, we advocate for homeschool freedoms at the federal, state, and local levels.

HSLDA Online Academy

HSLDA Online Academy can help complete your students’ high school curriculum! We offer courses for 7th–12th grade in core subject areas such as English & Writing, Mathematics, Science, History, and Foreign Language, as well as electives such as Logic & Critical Thinking, Business & Entrepreneurship, Computer Skills, Constitutional Law and SAT®/ACT® Test Prep.