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From America to Asia to wherever your family calls home, Homeschool Summits’ online events come right to you. Receive practical, biblical help and hope for Christ-centered home education and discipleship. We’ve helped thousands of families like yours since we launched in 2017, and we’d love to welcome you!
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Homeschool Family Relationships Summit

Homeschooling forces you to fight out relational battles, whether you like it or not. But conflict and challenges are the perfect place for us to learn to walk as Christ did … if we can hold our tongues long enough to look to the Word! So block off your calendar, prepare your heart, and get ready to be charged with a high calling: The Family Relationships Summit will urge (and equip!) you to find God’s wisdom for your closest relationships so you can communicate with truth and grace, strengthen your family’s unity even through conflict, and lead your family to become a world-changing force for the kingdom of God. Are you ready?

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Homeschool Curriculum 2.0 Summit

Choosing the right curriculum from a gazillion options (give or take a few) can be seriously mind-boggling AND expensive. Where do you even start? Enter the Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0! This exclusively online (and all-free) event will bring you practical guidance from top curriculum experts & providers through video sessions on math, science, language arts, history, social studies, and homeschooling tools. You’ll learn to evaluate your curriculum options with a Christian worldview to identify the right fit for every subject, for every child, so you can homeschool with confidence. Get ready for your best year of Christ-centered homeschooling!

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Homeschool Parenting Summit

Exhausted from endless battles with your kids (or your spouse!) from parenting in the midst of homeschooling? We have good news for you: Parenting successfully isn’t complicated. But the bad news: It’s impossible. Impossible, that is, unless you turn to the Author of the family, Jesus Christ, and His Word. Join us for the Homeschool Parenting Summit and learn to focus on God’s simple plan for family discipleship, recharge your motivation, and faithfully take action to raise children who love God and others. Dig deep for truth from God’s Word through video sessions on parenting foundations, child training, relationships, challenges, and launching young adults. Find peace in your craziest moments. You can parent with success when you keep eternity in view!

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Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Summit

Each family’s homeschooling journey is unique. But one thing is the same for everyone: overload and overwhelm! Enter the Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Summit, an online event with speaker interview sessions and resources that won’t strangle you into perfection (we promise!), but that WILL bring you Christ-centered help and hope for deciding what matters to your family, creating a workable homeschool plan, and keeping your path centered on the eternal – even when life happens.

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Homeschool Teaching Summit

How do you balance discipling your children’s character while working through math lessons and field trips and laundry and spelling tests and so much more? How about this: The Homeschool Teaching Summit will refresh your excitement for the journey, equip you with practical management tools, and transform your vision for education and discipleship. Get ready to re-enter your homeschool week with confidence – your best year of Christ-like teaching is right around the corner!

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