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The Relational Lifestyle Summit Timeline
  • March 4 – Marketing materials and affiliate links released
  • March 11 – Summit registration opens (partner/affiliate promo launch)
  • March 23 – Swagbag deadline
  • April 8–12 – The Summit! (Monday–Friday)
  • April 12 – Sales close for the All-Access Pass (end of day)
  • April 15 – 35-day earnings period ends (from partner/affiliate promo launch)
  • May 13 – 30-day refund guarantee deadline (from last sales day)
  • May 27 – 21-day affiliate payment deadline (from the end of the refund period)
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The Relational Lifestyle Summit — Affiliate Zone

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Use the following HTML emails and suggested subject lines to easily promote the Homeschool Family Relationships 2.0 Summit! Be sure to use your unique affiliate link!
  • HTML Email #1

    • It’s here!! The Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0
    • Coming October 10th: Help for your Family Relationships
    • Voddie Baucham, John MacAruthur, Stephen Kendrick & more at the Homeschool Summit
  • HTML Email #2

    • Do you need unity in your family?
    • Become a world-changing force for God’s kingdom
    • Ken Ham, Rachael Carman, Leslie Ludy & more at the Homeschool Summit
  • HTML Email #3

    • A fresh start to relationships health
    • Voddie Baucham, Nancy Campbell, Jeff Myers & more at the Homeschool Summit
    • John MacArthur, Stephen Kendrick, Todd Wilson & more at the Homeschool Summit
Have a blog? Use the following blog post template to share about the Homeschool Family Relationships 2.0 Summit! Be sure to use your unique affiliate link!


Do the relationships inside your home feel stormy?

Then maybe you can relate to the Ephesian church. When Paul wrote them a letter of admonishment and encouragement, he recognized things were stormy (Ephesians 4:25–31).

Falsehood. Anger. Corrupting talk. Bitterness. Wrath. Clamor. Slander.

And sometimes our homeschooling days can have their fill of these things, too.

But the good news? God’s grace and power are MORE than enough to equip us to walk in love. We CAN walk as children of light, making the best use of the time, giving thanks, doing the will of God from the heart (Ephesians 5) AND we can lead our children to do the same.

God’s truth is available for us today, just as when Paul shared it with the Ephesians, and that’s what the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0, coming this October 10-15, 2022, is all about: We will be urged (and equipped!) to find God’s wisdom for our closest relationships so we can communicate with truth and grace, strengthen our unity even through conflict, and lead our families to become world-changing forces for the kingdom of God, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

All of the video sessions, with top Christian homeschooling and parenting speakers and authors, bring a Christ-centered focus to these topics:

Biblical Relationships


Parent/Child Relationships

Sibling & Peer Relationships

Your Family & the World

The entire event is FREE if you sign up by October 10th, and in addition to the video sessions, you’ll also get access to an online exhibit hall (with exclusive discounts and freebies) and a private Facebook group to connect with attendees from across the world.

By God’s grace, you’ll walk away from the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0 with a fresh start for Christ-centered, healthy relationships right in your home.

Don’t wait! Learn more and register for free (for a limited time only!) at ________.


Increase your earning potential by posting on social media or in your emails! Simple copy and paste the following swipe copy and combine with a graphic from the other tabs. Some important instructions:
  1. Remember to add your own affiliate link. We recommend not just copy/pasting your affiliate link, but instead using a redirect from your own website or a tool like Pretty Link ( – WordPress plugin) or Bitly ( – URL shortener).
  2. Use the hashtag #HomeschoolSummits to connect with event attendees.
  3. Use @hssummits on these social media channels to connect your post to Homeschool Summits:
Promotional Swipe Copy

Primary Theme:

Homeschooling forces you to fight out relational battles, whether you like it or not. But conflict and challenges are the perfect place for us to learn to walk as Christ did … if we can hold our tongues long enough to look to the Word! So block off your calendar for October 10-15, 2022, prepare your heart, and get ready to be charged with a high calling: The Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0 will urge (and equip!) you to find God’s wisdom for your closest relationships so you can communicate with truth and grace, strengthen your family’s unity even through conflict, and lead your family to become a world-changing force for the kingdom of God. Are you ready? Join speakers including Voddie Baucham, John MacArthur, Nancy Campbell, and many more!! Sign up for free today at _______.

Join Voddie Baucham, Stephen Kendrick, Eric & Leslie Ludy, Ken Ham, Ted & Margy Tripp, and MANY more popular Christian speakers and authors for the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0. It’s a week of video sessions intentionally designed to help you learn to stop working in your own strength to manage family challenges … and instead, walk by faith and see God work through you to strengthen your family for His glory and your joy! Register for free right now at ________.

Join us at the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0 (free & online this October 10-15, 2022), and dig in to learn how it looks to apply this in your family:

“Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:31-32)

Register now for free at ______ — video sessions with 25+ top Christian homeschooling and parenting speakers and authors who are coming your way!

Do you fear losing the relational battle with your children … or worse, your spouse?

Fear is a normal part of life.

But it’s NOT God’s way.

His truth brings us hope for victory through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Get biblical wisdom for how to communicate with truth and grace, strengthen your family’s unity even through conflict, and lead your family to become a world-changing force for the kingdom of God through the upcoming (totally FREE!) online event, the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0 (October 10-15, 2022). Register for free at _______ and get ready to find confidence in following God’s way for your family!

Ready to lead your family to change the world for the kingdom of God? Then this is for you! The Homeschool Family Relationships Summit — coming October 10-15, 2022 — will urge (and equip!) you to find God’s wisdom for your closest relationships so you can communicate with truth and grace, strengthen your family’s unity even through conflict, and lead your family to become a world-changing force for the kingdom of God. Hurry — registration is free for a limited time! Sign up now at _______.

Tired of running in circles, always coming back to the same relational difficulties?


Find the Christ-centered wisdom and practical application tools you need to walk in the light and make the best use of your time — right in your own homeschool. The Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0 is an exclusively online event (hosted October 10-15, 2022) with over 25 speaker video sessions, all designed to urge (and equip!) you with God’s plan for grace-filled family life. Register now for free at _____.

“You must no longer walk as the Gentiles do, in the futility of their minds. They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from life in God… at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.” (Ephesians 4:17-18, 5:8-9)

If you are ready for wise counsel from the sure foundation of God’s Word on how to walk as children of light in your home, then join us at the FREE online Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0 (coming October 10-15, 2022), and get on the right track for a future of healthy relationships! Register for free right now at _________.

Ready to STOP the relational storms and find clear skies and sunny days?
We’ve got 25+ Christian homeschooling and parenting authors and speakers ready to urge (& equip!) you to find God’s wisdom for your closest relationships so you can communicate with truth and grace, strengthen your family’s unity even through conflict, and lead your family to become a world-changing force for the kingdom of God. It’s all coming this October 10-15, 2022 at the Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0. You can find all the details and register for free at _________. Don’t miss this!

Homeschool Summits is back with another fantastic free event!! The Homeschool Family Relationships Summit 2.0 will bring you guidance from 25+ top speakers who will give you a biblical perspective for navigating marriage, parent/child relationships, sibling & peer relationships, and more … all for the glory and advancement of the kingdom of God. Register now for free at _________ and get ready for October 10-15, 2022!

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Past Summits

The Homeschool Parenting Summit will help you focus on God’s simple plan for family discipleship, recharge your motivation, and faithfully take action to raise children who love God and others. Dig deep for truth from God’s Word through video sessions on parenting foundations, child training, relationships, challenges, and launching young adults — learn to parent with success when you keep eternity in view!

The Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Summit won’t strangle you into perfection, we promise. But it WILL bring you Christ-centered help and hope for deciding what matters to your family, creating a workable homeschool plan, and keeping your path centered on the eternal – even when life happens. Get ready for an incredible event – peace is coming soon to your homeschool!

The Homeschool Teaching Summit will refresh your excitement for the journey, equip you with practical management tools, and transform your vision for education and discipleship. Get ready to re-enter your homeschool week with confidence – your best year of Christ-like teaching is right around the corner!