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The Homeschool Parenting Summit 2018

The Homeschool Parenting Summit (coming October 22-27, 2018) is a free, exclusively online event that will reach thousands of families around the world. Attendees can sign up for free, then upgrade to an All-Access Pass for lifetime, anytime access to 25+ video interviews, PLUS audio & video downloads, and lots of other free stuff. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

We’re pretty pumped about it!

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Past Summits

The Homeschool Fitting-It-All-In Summit won’t strangle you into perfection, we promise. But it WILL bring you Christ-centered help and hope for deciding what matters to your family, creating a workable homeschool plan, and keeping your path centered on the eternal – even when life happens. Get ready for an incredible event – peace is coming soon to your homeschool!

The Homeschool Teaching Summit will refresh your excitement for the journey, equip you with practical management tools, and transform your vision for education and discipleship. Get ready to re-enter your homeschool week with confidence – your best year of Christ-like teaching is right around the corner!

The Homeschool Curriculum Summit brings you super-practical help from the incredible lineup of hand-selected speakers who share how to evaluate your curriculum options with a Christian worldview to identify the right fit for every subject, for every child, so you can homeschool with confidence.

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