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Free Humility Booklet Lesson
by Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum

This easy-to-use, Bible-based curriculum is designed to give children a greater understanding of Who God is and how to develop His character in their lives. As we welcome Christ’s work in our hearts and respond in obedient faith, He will form His character in us. The Biblical Character Illustrated Curriculum is designed to help you teach a focus on God’s Word and applying His ways in everyday decisions.

This series helps children examine the character of God as portrayed in His Word and examples from the lives of the men and women of Scripture. Bring your teaching to life as you seek the Lord together with character lessons that are fun and memorable!

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Soul Care Evaluation
by Godly Grief

Do You Feel As Though Grief Is Negatively Affecting Your Life?

Have you been struggling to find the focus and purpose you used to have before you lost your loved one? Are you drifting in a daze of survival mode, trying to find your way forward?

This FREE Soul Care Evaluation will assess where you’re at in five key areas, and will guide you to make progress in your grief so you can start to finally live again, including easily identifying areas that require urgent attention and receiving guidance that will make an immediate impact in your life!

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The Parenting with Purpose Guide
by Raising Disciples Mom

Want to get your child to listen to you? The Parenting with Purpose Guide gives you the exact steps to help your child listen to you and it’s all done with love and grace. Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your parent-child bond and cultivate a relationship filled with love and respect. Plus, it’s absolutely FREE, but only for a limited time – sign up below!

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Loving My Sibling Pack
by Life as a Lifeschooler

Do your children struggle to get along? It can be so hard to train them to be kind! We want our children to become best friends, but getting to their hearts is key to building strong sibling relationships. This printable pack will help your children learn to love each other and treat each other the way Jesus wants them to.

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God-Centered Homeschool Life Library
by Living to Follow the Light

In the God-Centered Homeschool Life Library you will find helpful tools to connect with your family, align your perspective with God’s, find gratitude in trials and guidance on how to handle a family crisis.

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The Secret to Shooting Like a Pro Ebook
by Lenspiration Photography Training

Have a budding photographer in your family? It doesn’t matter what kind of camera you have, this simple, beautifully illustrated e-book will show you exactly what you need to know to unlock the incredible potential of your camera and start shooting like a pro!

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The Starlore Legacy Nova Audio Book Episode 1
by Perfect Praise Publishing

Dive into the world of the Starlore Legacy with the first book installment- Nova.

A mighty empire. A lowly slave. A galaxy to save. Will a hero rise?

Daeson Lockridge was born of royal blood, and all of his plans are falling into place now that his performance flying the legendary Starcraft at the academy places him as the second ranking cadet in his class. Only his cousin, Prince Linden Lockridge, ranks higher. But a chance encounter with a lowly Starcraft mechanic shatters his perfect plan. The mysterious Raviel intersects his life and everything he thought he knew about himself, his family, his planet, and his galaxy seems a lie. Exposed as a fraud and with no one to trust he must flee the mighty Jyptonian fleet and search for the truth…a truth that will change his life and the future of the galaxy forever, for the Immortals are watching.

With this multi-voice narration, full of sound effects and musical themes, you’ll forget that you’re just listening to an audiobook!

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Fruit of the Spirit Printable Pack
by I Choose Joy

The Fruit of the Spirit printable pack is especially suited for elementary ages to help kids learn about how to add love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control to their lives! What is included?

  • 26 pages
  • 2 sets of flashcards (one set for KJV and one blank so you can choose your own Bible translation)
  • 2 sets of coloring pages (one set with a KJV verse that relates to the fruit and another set with blank lines so you can choose your own Bible translation)

The pages with blank lines are perfect for copywork or for the child to consider how to put that “fruit” into action this week!

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Study Guide for Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles
by Self Educating Family

Study Guide for Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles. 19th-century educator Charlotte Mason developed 20 principles underlying her methods of education. Based on the foundational belief that “Children are born persons” and that God made them that way, these 20 principles direct how we as parents should direct our children’s education. This study guide will outline a plan for tackling Book 1 of Volume 6: Towards a Philosophy of Education by Charlotte Mason, which details the 20 Principles. In addition to an ebook study guide, you will be able to download notebooking pages for your study, plus 10 printable wall art quotes to inspire your learning, and a quick reference guide for the 20 principles.

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Faith & Trust Family Bible Study
by Vibrant Home Life

This family-focused study is designed to help you and your loved ones embark on a 30-day journey of deepening your faith, strengthening your trust in God, and growing together in His grace. This Bible study includes 30 verses based on faith and trust. Alongside these verses, we’ve provided suggested activities that will encourage discussion, reflection, and practical application of God’s teachings within your family life. These activities are designed to be enjoyable, interactive, and suitable for all ages, fostering a sense of togetherness as you explore your faith journey.

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10 Ways to Inspire Your Budding Writers at Home PDF
by Inspiring Writing

My item shares my 10 foundational principles for helping homeschooling parents strengthen relationships with their children while inspiring them to write. It’s based on my 25 years of homeschooling our six children. On my blog I go into more detail on these principles, but this pdf summarizes the key ideas in a format that serves as an overview and handy reminder. Anyone who signs up for my pdf will also be entered into a draw for a free coaching session with me. I love helping homeschoolers find specific ways to connect with their unique children by understanding their children’s interests and connecting those to writing in meaningful ways.

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7 Biblical Word Studies for Homeschool Moms eBook
by Clarissa R. West

There are seven words that you will study from a biblical perspective in the 7 Biblical Word Studies for Homeschool Moms eBook by Clarissa R. West. You will study the definition and relevant scriptures of each word and then conclude with thoughts and journaling prompts. The journaling pages found at the end of this e-book can be printed and used along with each study.

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Apple Picking Activity Pack for Kids
by The Art Kit

The Art Kit’s Apple Orchard 30-Page Activity Pack includes more than 30 pages of fun and educational no-prep activities for children, including puzzles, mazes, creative writing, graphing, coloring, writing, calendars, and much more! Download your pack for free today and gain access to The Art Kit’s entire resource library valued at over $5,000 and growing!

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Exploring the World Notebooking Journal Bundle
by WriteBonnieRose

With these FREE notebooking journals, students can explore the world as they learn about 75 foods from around the world, 40 different types of homes from around the world, 100 musical instruments from numerous countries and six continents, and 75 different kinds of money used around the world, and record information about each one.

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Free Guide For Christian Parents Mini Kit
by Faith Starts at Home

The Family Discipleship Mini Kit from Faith Starts at Home is a quick start for Christian families to do discipleship together and for Christian parents to invest in their children’s spiritual legacy.

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The Candy Cane Gospel Poster and Gift Tags
by A Family Devoted

The Candy Cane Gospel explains how we can use the candy cane to teach the Gospel of Jesus. Includes a poster and gift tags with a poem.

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31 Things Your Special Needs Child Needs From You Devotional
by Art of Special Needs Parenting

This devotional provides insight into your child’s struggles and encouragement to build a real relationship with your child.

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Free Guide to Gardening with Kids
by Seeds for Generations

Want to pass on your love of gardening to the next generation? In this guide, you’ll find ideas for parents to garden with kids, teaching your children many important lessons along the way.

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