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Get anytime-you-want-it access to 25+ videos from top homeschooling and parenting speakers and and exclusive bonuses…for only $97 $37!

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Teaching Summit All-Access Pass

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Reason #1: Incredible Content

Well, of course, the number one reason to snag the Teaching Summit All-Access Pass is because you’ll get lifetime, anytime access to all the incredible video content that’s part of the Homeschool Teaching Summit. That means videos from top Christian homeschooling and parenting speakers with exclusive, Christ-centered parenting, encouragement, and life-balance guidance to help you homeschool with confidence and pass on the faith to your children.

Reason #2: Fabulous Bonuses

Anytime, lifetime access to ALL 25+ Teaching Summit sessions

Audio download of all Teaching Summit sessions

The Homeschool Guidebook: Over 200 pages of how-to guidance, helpful worksheets, and more ($30 value)

Family Life by Kevin Swanson: A Simple Guide to the Biblical Family ($15 value)

Devotions, Advice & Renewal for When Motherhood Feels Too Hard by Kelly Crawford. 89 page PDF download. ($9 value)

Exploring Homeschooling video training by HSLDA’s educational consultants. 6 hrs. of video and PDF handouts. ($20 value)

Family Worship by Steve Demme. 80 pages of practical family worship guidance. PDF and audiobook download. ($10 value)

Character Healthy Homeschooling by Megan Scheibner. Learn how to infuse every aspect of your homeschooling with a healthy dose of character. 282 page PDF download. ($20 value)

Managing Your Homeschool by Marcia Washburn. 50 pages of super-practical management tips that work! PDF download. ($5 value)

Glimpses of Glory in the Garden devotional by Dr. James Wanliss. 150 page PDF.

Total Package Value: $186+

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Get anytime-you-want-it access to 25+ videos from top homeschooling and parenting speakers and exclusive bonuses…

… for only $97!

Get the Teaching Summit All-Access Pass

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Get anytime-you-want-it access to 25+ videos from top homeschooling and parenting speakers and and exclusive bonuses…

… for only $97!

Common Questions

Each day of the event, you’ll receive an email with a link to that day’s live videos. Then, you can leave comments with specific questions for the speakers, check out curriculum shopping (with handy search fields to find just what you are looking for), and snag some freebies and discounts.

Just open up the link from your email and click play. Super simple! Each video is about 45 minutes long, and you can watch from your computer, smart TV, or mobile device.

All the sessions will be available after they are launched until the end of the next day, or you can purchase the Teaching Summit All-Access Pass and get lifetime, anytime access, PLUS a terrific bonus package!

Short answer = nope! We ARE pulling together a fantastic lineup of speakers and shopping options, but it won’t replace the value of attending your local homeschool conference. We highly recommend checking with your state organization (find a list here – link to for more information about their conferences. As awesome as this summit will be, we still believe that the in-person networking of a local conference is invaluable!

They are the ministries behind Based in Colorado, both organizations exist to help parents raise their children to love and serve God. CHEC is a state organization that fights for homeschool liberty and helps parents get started homeschooling and stay the journey. (Learn more here.) Generations is a national organization that offers a daily radio program, family events, curriculum, and more. (Learn more here.) Together, they are working to bring to your home

What makes this event unique?

100% Online

No travel costs for you (or speakers!) so you can get FREE access to their wisdom and tools. Plus, make it fit your schedule – can’t watch it when it goes live? Catch it later when it’s convenient (like when the kids go to bed!).


You’ll find help for choosing the right curriculum for your kids, whether you’ve homeschooled forever or just decided to begin. And while homeschooling itself encompasses a huge range of topics like scheduling and legal issues, just to name a few, we’ll be focused just on the curriculum with this event. (If you’re looking for general homeschool help, check with your state homeschool organization!)


Every speaker and every curriculum that is part of this summit is geared to help you raise kids who love God. The world is full of stuff that will educate our kids, but we want to educate them AND equip them to know God and serve Him through Christ-centered curriculum.

Why attend this event?

1.Watch the incredible lineup of hand-selected speakers who will discuss practical things that you want to know about different curriculum options.

2.Ask your own questions via live comments with the speakers and their teams.

3.Search the curriculum section and narrow your search by grade, subject, format (workbook/online/video/etc.), and more, and then find some awesome discounts and deals.

4.Learn proven strategies for homeschooling your children with a Christ-centered focus.

Grab the Teaching Summit All-Access Pass NOW for the lowest rate of $37 and gain access to ALL of this with no deadline! Take it all in at your leisure, plus snag some amazing bonuses.

Ready for your best year of Christ-like teaching?